Emulsion screen

High definition emulsion screens

You need a precise, specific, thin-layered depsoit; you have a complex ink printing to realize?
DB Products will make the screen you need!

Manufactured in our partner DEK UK’s laboratories, emulsion screens enable a precise deposit in areas of applications such as Research, Semiconductors, Photovoltaics, ink printing ..

Describe your application, we will define your screen!
5 days lead-time.

Complex shapes
(lines, “O”s…)
Low viscosity inks
Thinner and controlled deposit
Emulsion screens are flexible and may be used on irregular surfaces.
80 types of mesh in stock (300 different types of mesh available on request)
Certificate of conformity (100% controlled openings)
3D emulsion screens to deposit in cavities.

Emulsion thickness tolerance

0 – 50µ + 2µ
51 – 150µ + 5%
151 – 300µ + 10%

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