Technical Support

Your DB Products consultant analyses and defines the right product for your application with accuracy. No matter how complex your issue is, we have a solution.

Material choice

Based on our area ratio calculation, we are able to propose the right material depending on the size of your stencil’s apertures: Stainless steel, Fine Grain, Nickel, ExaKut and Platinum.

Choice of design and apertures reductions

We can design and apply the necessary reductions for every type of component and optimize your soldering paste printing:

  • QFN
  • µBGA
  • Mid ship ball

Thanks to our library we are able to avoid a number of printing issues (tombstoning, short circuit, etc)

The necessary reductions will be applied according to the components specifications and the solder paste used.

Choice of technology

For your specific applications, we can advise you on:

  • Pin In Paste
  • MultiLevel
  • Recess
  • ExaKut
  • LSE Contact us!