Our equipments

Stencils Department

With our three last-generation Tannlin lasers combining optical fiber and diodes, we offer a unique cutting quality and automated processes.
Our lasers have high resolution on-board cameras, allowing a 100% control of apertures.
Cutting parameters adapted to opening sizes, thicknesses and types of materials.
Performance and precision for a better responsiveness!

A demanding quality control

All DB Products stencils are delivered with a certificate of conformity.Measured, scanned and checked to match your CAD data.
We follow strict, rigorous specifications.
A systematic control for the highest quality.                                                     

Machining department                                                                                   

We possess a DATRON digital machining center and a high-performance machine tools base, making it possible to design and manufacture tooling solutions adapted to your most demanding production constraints.
We manufacture single parts for process qualification and prototyping phases, and we duplicate in a short time for industrialization and mass production
Our committed, highly qualified team is able to supply your dedicated tool in a short time!

An optimized process

We keep informed on the latest advances thanks to a daily technological watch. (materials, CAD software and production management, customized ERP)
The cutting edge of technology for quality service.