Organic stencils

PumpPrint stencils allow you to deposit a large volume of glue or solder paste.
PumpPrint stencils are also used when a circuit is equipped with THT components and must be reprinted to bond CMS components. The equipped PCB will be welded to the wave.

Recesses are machined on the bottom side of the PumpPrint stencils to spare the pins of the already mounted THT components.

The PumpPrint stencil is often used in the Lighting Industry.
Manufactured by DB Products and distributed all over Europe, we have a unique database for glue and solder paste designs.

No need for Dispensing or wave soldering

  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Repeatability improvement

Expanded Process opportunities

  • Proflow and standard squeegee
  • Printing various products
  • Adhesive points from 0.400μ to 3.0 mm

All stencil types

  • Frame mounted
  • VectorGuard

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