DB Products Tooling Solutions

Tooling is an essential part of the card assembly process.
Components are more and more thin and miniaturized.
Your process is therefore extremely tool-dependent to keep substrates into place and to guarantee the flatness of all types of circuit boards.

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Essential to card assembling

Your goal is to build high quality card assemblies. You need reliable, robust tools with a short delivery lead-time

  • Easy to order, your tools are manufactured using your Gerber files,
  • Short delivery lead-time
  • Easy to set-up
  • Quick configuration set-up and rapid change of series
  • Improve your cycles duration
  • Higher, better-controlled productivity

Dedicated tooling solutions

Speed, accuracy, repeatability: Process performance starts with DB Products tooling solutions.

  • Compatible with your machines
  • They may be used all along your card assembly line, from stencil printing to refusion.
  • Optimized card support even for high density assemblies
  • Adapted to Proflow systems
  • Tools available for any type of circuit: flex, FR4, ceramic… Learn more about Flex PCB

Our technologies at your service

Our tooling solution is dedicated to your products and your process.

DB Products provides a technical solution that meets your requirements

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You sometimes need to repair high value-added components, a tedious process.

Specific billing or components silkscreen is not easily repeatable.

From the micro stencil to the manual screen printing table, we offer the appropriate solution. Contact us!