Laser cut stencils

DB Products offers a complete range of screen-printing stencils to meet the technological challenges of the electronics industry.

Manufactured in Savigneux near Lyon (France), your laser cut stencils are shipped within 24-48h.
We offer an extensive range of formats: Mounted on aluminum frames, VectorMount, VectorGuard or any other special size.

We analyze your data and give you a complete technical feedback to develop the ideal tool.
We offer a wide range of materials ensuring an optimal area ratio:

ExaKut technology  

Your projects require precision and repeatability …. Our answer, the ExaKut Stencil!
With the ExaKut stencil, you will obtain a miniaturization never reached with a laser cut stencil.

We print components such as QFN 0.4 / 0.35 / μBGA 0.4 / 0.35 / 0.3 or 01005 at reasonable cost within 48 hours.

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Multi-level stencils

Optimize your silkscreen and improve your productivity!!!

Developed in-house for a better responsiveness, multi-level stencils are produced within 24-48 hours
We adapt our method -electroplating or laser welding- to the thickness you need for a better deposit.

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Calculate your area ratio with just a few clicks!!!