The Company

Serving the electronics industry for almost 30 years!

The nineties see the creation of GS Technologies by Laurent CARRIQUE.
With the acquisition of the first laser dedicated to stencil cutting in France, the development of a pneumatic self-tensioning frame and the manufacture of the first multi-level stencils, GS Technologies is THE French manufacturer of stencils for the electronics industry.

In 2000, GS Technologies joins the International group DEK.
The DEK France site becomes the technical reference for all agencies in Europe. 2005 marks a turning point in the world of laser cutting…

The first Tannlin fiber laser is set up in Europe, initiating a revolution in the traditional manufacturing processes…

During year 2010, Laurent CARRIQUE and Pascal PUIS decide to take over the DEK franchise and start DB Products.

This new entity becomes the electronics manufacturers’ new reference, and the team’s guiding principles are responsiveness, flexibility and technological innovations.

With 13,000 square feet of space the Savigneux premises accommodate 14 highly qualified employees, 2 production Departments, 3 lasers dedicated to stencils and 3 machining centers.

DB Products is definitely performance-oriented to better serve customers.